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We believe in providing customers with an honest, transparent quote from the very beginning. While the moving industry has become saturated with dishonest companies providing inaccurate quotes, Nationwide provides immediate accurate quotes that are Binding Not-to-Exceed.  Our cutting-edge engine and network was created to stop the typical unexpected up-charges and unnecessary delays.


Please refer to: “You’re Rights & Responsibilities When You Move” Brochure – Rights & Responsibilities as well as “Ready to Move” Brochure – Ready to Move.

Long-Distance Interstate Moves

Full-Service Moves with Packing

30 Days Free Storage with Every Move

Nationwide Moving and Storage LLC takes the stress out of long distant moves that cross state lines.  Let our company focus on moving your belongings so you can focus on moving what really matters, your family.  

Our staff is highly trained to create an efficient and affordable plan to move your household goods from your current location, across state lines, and deliver them to your new home.  We are also equipped to have your items stored during the moving process in the event you will not immediately take possession of your new home after moving out of your current location.

Nationwide Moving and Storage LLC has developed a cutting-edge logistical system that offers customers an unparalleled moving experience at costs that fall below do-it-yourself movers.  We are able to smoothly move your items at low costs by taking advantage of our large network, streamlined logistic routes, and economies-of-scale.  We call this our engine.

simple…All you have you do is give us a call.  We will ask you a few questions regarding your move dates, move-from location, move-to location, and inventory.  We plug your data into our engine and are able to give you a Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate for your interstate move right over the phone.   As long as your inventory is accurate and you do not need additional services, your cost to move the inventory will never go above the Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate!!!

How It Works?

According to Federal Law, anytime a moving company crosses state lines they have to quote you off of the total weight or cubic feet occupied off each individual load. So, the first step in getting you an accurate quote would be setting up one of the following:

An In-Home Estimate

An In-home estimate would include one of our highly-trained moving coordinators visiting the home and doing a walkthrough inspection of all the items. We provide a written quote based on the availability at that time. (In-home estimates are only available in certain locations. Call our main office for more details.)

A Phone, Facetime, Google Duo or Zoom Meeting 

Nationwide Moving and Storage LLC serves all 50 states and can provide anyone with an accurate quote. We have a dedicated team of moving coordinators waiting to speak with you. We will assist you in creating a detailed inventory to estimate the amount of space you will need for your move.


An Emailed Inventory

You may create your own detailed inventory and email it to our office. We will review the detailed inventory you provided and create a binding not to exceed estimate for your move.



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